Our Vision

Birthing, Building, Rebuilding and Nurturing relationships in all spheres of life through thoughtful gifting.

Our Mission

To be that one stop gift shop and a household name providing matchless gifting experiences for all occasions both home and abroad.

Our Goals

At Porpul Petals, we aim to leave all our clients and gift recipients with sweet unforgettable memories through our unique products and services and more importantly continue to inspire the act of thoughtful gifting across generations one gift at a time.

The Company

Porpul Petals LTD is a Gift Concierge and Fresh Flower Company that specializes in fostering love and strengthening bonds among individuals and loved ones. The company was founded in September 2020 by FIMÍDÁRÀ ÀKÀNMÚ after the global pandemic. At the time, the world had just been hit by the most unimaginable and the need to value people, relationships and even oneself became more eminent than ever.

Meet the CEO

Hi there! My name is Fimídárà, founder and creative director, Porpul Petals LTD.
We live in a fast paced world where we constantly need to remind ourselves that giving can never go out of style. I am passionate about imbibing the culture of giving into everyone around me. It’s never too late to learn to give, you can start today, even if it’s just a smile!
It’s a pleasure meeting you, do well to reach out via any of the platforms below. Thanks.